Making Nachos With Communion Wafers

Friday night I jumped on the chance to listen to, meet and get a book signed by David Sedaris. He's currently on tour for his latest book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

This New York Times Best-Selling Author decided to make an unlikely stop in San Marcos, Texas. Since this was my first book reading and signing, I was not sure what exactly would happen. In hindsight, I doubt any other author could live up to the enormously high expectations he has set.

Sedaris read new material for about an hour. His hilarious renditions of encounters with bizarre people renders him, at least in my book, the Mark Twain of my generation. He is a true personality with a phenomenal voice for radio. I aspire to share multitudes of interesting essays with the poise and charisma he does. Until then, I'll cling to my autographed book and the German card Sedaris gave me.

Literary genius.

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