A Lesson in Film Etiquette

While this may be news to some, it’s a common understanding that talking during a film is not permitted. In the slot after the previews and before the movie, each theater in its own way will politely ask the audience to stay quiet. The Alamo Drafthouse goes so far to threaten one’s life if this common courtesy isn’t met.

Tonight I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Though it was my second time seeing this film, I was appalled when the (not-so) gentleman behind me not only bantered throughout the entire movie but also randomly shouted obvious subtleties during. For instance, in the scene in which Ron’s potion-induced infatuation is introduced, he yelled, “He’s high!”

To further my frustration, I know this person. And he works at this particular movie theater. Maybe it’s presumptuous of me to believe an employee of Texas Cinema and film enthusiast would show more respect for not only the film but also his viewing counterparts. I paid $7.50 he probably paid nothing. Maybe this is further proof that when you get things for free you don’t appreciate them.

I contemplated writing or calling his manager with a sincere complaint. But I settled with leaving a brief and hateful message on his Facebook wall.

Unless you’re like this fellow, I don’t suppose you need a reminder that talking during movies is indeed rude.

Be considerate.