Brutally Honest Wednesdays

Brutally honest is a term often heard but seldom meant. The truth can hurt but a handful of musicians in central Texas are willing to put it all on the line for the sake of their craft: music.

Brutally Honest Wednesdays started in the fall of 2009 as a laboratory for local musicians to share opinions, song ideas and criticism. Since then, it has grown into a community of aspiring and established musicians who treat one another as partners on the road to quality songwriting and composition. Brutally Honest Wednesdays is led by Luke Leverett and K Phillips, who met while attending Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. Their ultimate goal is to create an environment where singer/songwriters can get honest feedback from their peers.

"I heard about Brutally Honest Wednesdays through a friend in Gruene and I came out here," Neil Cooper said. "It was just a place I felt I could throw out songs at people, mess up a little bit and get good criticism and bad criticism. We play in front of fans and family and we don't get constructive criticism."

It is the constructive, honest criticism that musicians at Brutally Honest Wednesdays crave.

"Everyone is so talented here. I think working with these guys challenges me to write in a different way," Lance Olivier said. "Listening to Luke play makes me want to learn to play the guitar better."

In the same way Brutally Honest Wednesdays has challenged Olivier to be a better guitar player, Stephanie Briggs says Brutally Honest Wednesdays has moved her to be a better songwriter.

"It's encouraged me to write more. Here there's always a challenge to write more," Briggs said. "I like new music and I like writing new music often, and this is a place where that's encouraged."

Leverett calls Brutally Honest Wednesdays a laboratory for new music. Phillips calls it church for musicians. But both encourage musicians in the area to come out and see for themselves.

Brutally Honest Wednesdays: The Video

Below: K Phillips narrates the story of Brutally Honest Wednesdays.