Gambling on Eli

In just a few short days I will become an aunt for the first time! My sister and her husband are expecting a little boy, Elijah Michael Grau, and my sister is being induced on Wednesday morning, May 19th.

I'm really looking forward to meeting this little guy; I have even dreamed about him. He is the first grandchild too, and my parents are excited.

We are pretty sure he is going to be a big baby. For instance, that picture was taken just over 7 weeks ago. His estimated size last week was between 7.5 and 11 lbs. So tonight my dad and I made a bet. I'm officially a gambling woman. If Eli is over 10 lbs, I have to clean the house for a month. If he is under, my dad is going to reimburse me for my recent car repairs, totaling about $225.

So needless to say, I hope that not only for my sister's sake but for my finances and leisure time's sake Elijah is small... relatively speaking. I'll be posting many pictures I'm sure once little (or big) Eli graces us with his presence.

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  1. I saw your tweet today... I Hope you brought reading material!! & I hope Mama and baby are having an easy time of it!