Music snobbery

I'm a recovering music snob. I'm a recovering everything snob, but lately I've been expanding my horizons in the world of music. Ultimately I've learned that just because it's not the genre I prefer, doesn't mean it's bad (although sometimes it definitely is really bad.)

Take for instance, the band Killswitch Engage. My little Wilco-loving ears aren't accustomed to the harsh sounds of metal mayhem. But I can appreciate them for what they are, and for the talent they welcome into their own genre, if only for the sake of my friend Lee Harris who listens to them constantly.

Also, I've recently explored the genre of DubStep, which seems to be growing in popularity among college students. I got a birthday mix from my dear friend Michael Scheel that, in the company of MIA and songs from The Life Aquatic soundtrack, featured some pretty sick beats. I don't know their names though since my birthday mix only has a picture of a birthday cake drawn on it.

I've also been exposed to many-a Americana bands because of my association with KNBT, and by association I mean employment. I remember I time I hated anything classified as "Texas Country" or the like, but now I can say I somewhat enjoy at least some of those bands. It's a limited list but it's a start.

So along with the 1,500 other goals I have for the year 2010, I want to tack on "find a new favorite band." I've had the same top 10 favorite bands for the last 6 years, and I'm now in search of something new and fresh and outside my comfort zone. I'm open to suggestions.


The tradeoff

I am now less than two months away from graduation and the end of my college career. It's been a long road and it's hard to believe I've arrived. I've spent three and a half years exhausting my brain and bones to bust through higher education, and I'm now starting to see some things I've skipped over - things like walking around campus just to explore, going to football games, joining fun extracurricular groups etc. But in return I feel like I've gained what I hope is valuable experience and life lessons. I've had two amazing internships, one that evolved into a job, which have led me to network with tremendously successful people. I'm virtually debt-free because I paid tuition out-of-pocket. I'm still thrilled with the elements of journalism and think I always will be, but where my skills in this field will take me, I don't yet know. To be honest, I'm a little scared but so excited and ready to have a very expensive piece of paper framed on my wall.