The tradeoff

I am now less than two months away from graduation and the end of my college career. It's been a long road and it's hard to believe I've arrived. I've spent three and a half years exhausting my brain and bones to bust through higher education, and I'm now starting to see some things I've skipped over - things like walking around campus just to explore, going to football games, joining fun extracurricular groups etc. But in return I feel like I've gained what I hope is valuable experience and life lessons. I've had two amazing internships, one that evolved into a job, which have led me to network with tremendously successful people. I'm virtually debt-free because I paid tuition out-of-pocket. I'm still thrilled with the elements of journalism and think I always will be, but where my skills in this field will take me, I don't yet know. To be honest, I'm a little scared but so excited and ready to have a very expensive piece of paper framed on my wall.

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