Election Night

I'm not going to get all political all over everyone. I actually think that's kind of annoying, and seeing as I'm a journalist, it would be unprofessional. But I will say working in a newsroom on Election Night is WAY different than watching the votes roll in from home. Why?

1. You're more objective. Instead of getting pissed the donkeys/elephants got another seat, you tally up in your head how many each have for the night, what it means for the delegates in that district or precinct, and how you can milk our of it a story or at least a few good interview questions.

2. It's busier. Because you're not invested in just one but many races, there's no time to fuss. It's a broader perspective. And the investment isn't personal, it's professional. Plus while you're watching the votes come in, you're on the phone with your reporter down at the courthouse, and also listening to the police scanner to hear if there's been a riot, robbery or car accident.

3. You lose sleep for different reasons. You're not mad because Harry Reid or Rick Perry was reelected, you're mad the secretary of state's website hasn't been updated in 45 minutes and you're trying to finish your story before 1:30 a.m.

4. In a newsroom, there's candy leftover from Halloween. You lucky journalist, you.

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