Fast, Fresh, Nonexistent

Maybe there are healthy fast food restaurants in other parts of the country, but certainly not in my neck of Texas. There are nights when I leave the radio station at midnight or later, and the last thing I want to do for a meal is trudge through HEB to find a lean cuisine, bagged salad or raw chicken to cook up when I get home. I want to drive up to a window and get something that won't make me feel disgusting. Is that too much to ask?

So with this movement of eliminating trans fat at fast food joints, why aren't in-and-out healthy eateries being set up too? I can't imagine a how drive-thru that serves wraps, hummus, fruit cups and fresh veggies could fail in a place like New Braunfels. So many people (especially parents) want healthy food. Chick-fil-a and Jason's Deli are almost always packed.

It makes me wonder why someone else hasn't thought to open a quick and easy fast food joint, instead of having to study an illuminated menu through a car window to find something relatively inexpensive, fresh, and healthy. If my passion were food and I had some startup money, I'd be the first to embark on this idea. But alas, I'm just a journalist.

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