I'm going to Chicago

Back story: There are four of us lady best friends from New Braunfels. (It's like Sex and the City if the city is a German town of 50k and the cast is far less slutty and annoying.) Kendra, Kim, Christina and I have been pretty inseparable for the last few years.

That is until...
Back in March, Kendra moved to Denver, CO. Kim got married in September to an Air Force man, and is now stationed with her husband near Raleigh, NC. Christina and I are still in humble little NBTX.

So back in October, Christina and I spotted a deal from Southwest Airlines - tickets were $30, $60, $90 each way. Great deal, right? At first we thought to visit Kendra in Denver. But it's been a dream of mine to see Chicago, and we didn't really want to bunk up with Kendra and her boyfriend.

So what did we do? We rallied for a girls' trip to Chicago!

The planed tickets were really cheap - each girl, flying in from three different time zones, each paid $141 round trip. The unfortunate part was the timing; we're going Jan. 27 - 29. It will be cold, but I got a new coat and I know how to layer.

So since I am the planning queen, I've been happily making all the arrangements for this trip. Today I booked the hotel that will cost each person just $92 for four nights. It's a 3.5 star in downtown Chicago, 6 blocks from the rail and 2 blocks from Michigan Avenue. I'm the queen of trip planning.

I've also created a map of all the places we want to see while we are there. Take a look and shoot me a message if there's some places I've missed.

View Chicago January 2010 in a larger map

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  1. eat some pizza for me... that town has the best pizza I've ever known