Not so funny

I'm okay with trying new things, though I'm still a comedy snob, especially when I'm "taking one for the team" and being a supportive girlfriend.

Last night I went to a live performance of Tim and Eric, whose show has been featured on Adult Swim for FIVE seasons. (?!?!)

Let me just say, it was really really weird and not funny at all. Half the show consisted of skits that were just bizarre, and loud, and the only highlight I could find was John C. Reily's guest appearance for a skit he participates in regularly in the TV version.

The Paramount in Austin was packed with chubby, nerdy hipsters, in their skinny jeans and keds, agonizing over the lack of PBR. ...All who paid at least $30 to see bad, unfunny actors.

Overall it was just lame, silly and too loud. This makes me think I'm getting old. Or just that I have good taste in comedy.

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