Temple: Day 4

It has been a whole four days since I moved to Temple. Yesterday was my first day at the Temple Daily Telegram and so far everyone and every thing has been great. My worries about directions were not unfounded. I actually got lost on the way home yesterday (go ahead, laugh...) but I've managed to find the Target, Hobby Lobby, a pretty good Mexican restaurant and of course, the office where I work. 

Yesterday my first story at the TDT ran on the B1 (here called the Second Front) and tomorrow a short piece I did will be on the front page. I'm obviously really moving up in the world. (Ha.) As an education reporter, I'm covering mostly school board meetings, the bond election, features on science fairs and eventually the Texas Legislature's massacre of funding for public education K-12. That one I'm really looking forward to. 

Temple is sweet, like a big Seguin. I've been working so much that I've barely had time to unpack or be productive in any way after I clock out. None of my dishes are put away but I did manage to buy a few groceries last night that will last me until the weekend. I found $1/lb chicken thighs in 10-packs at HEB, only to come home and realize I have no seasonings... so it's PB&J for me for now. 

I've logged 20 hours in two days, which makes me just tired enough to only muster up the strength to watch TV and fall asleep on the couch. I'm interested to meet my neighbors, at least the nice ones, and hopefully get some unpacking done before Friday. Because, you know, I have big plans and all. 

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