"Extreme Couponers" extremely selfish

I don't often use my blog as a platform for ranting, but there's something that just burns my beans... or the 800 cans of beans TLC's Extreme Couponers hoard in the corners of their homes.

Now I'm all about saving money. In fact, I was recently dubbed "Bargain Boenig" by someone dear to me. And I do cut coupons to save money --- why not?

I no doubt think these extreme couponers should feel proud to get so much for so little, at times paying just one percent of the retail price of all their groceries. It's quite a clever and commendable talent.

But in the few episodes of Extreme Couponing I've seen, only ONCE has a couponer (Nathan Engels) given part of the grocery raid to a food bank or charity.

If the rush of saving money is what drives these couponers to go to the extreme, why must they hoard enormous stockpiles of toilet paper, toothbrushes, cereal, pasta sauce and green beans in stacks and on shelves in the guest room?

People are starving in America. There are womens shelters who would happily accept 100 bottles of shampoo for the abuse victims they support. What's even more shocking is some of these folks have been poor enough to completely rely on coupons in order to eat. Have they forgotten what hunger feels like?

No money would come out of the Extreme Couponer's pockets if they donated even half of their stashes to local worthy causes. They could consider the time spent clipping coupons community service. I hope TLC producers are just cutting out the charitable part and in fact these "Extreme Couponers" are less selfish than they appear.

Photo courtesy of TLC.