Chrome apps amaze me

I grew up in a home with minimal technology. We didn't have video games (except an old Atari and my grandma's, while other kids were onto Segas, N64s and PlayStations), and I didn't have reliable internet access until I was about 15. For those of you counting, that was in 2003.

So the powers of new technology have always fascinated me. A smartphone app that can read bar codes?! A pen that records and stores interview and meeting notes?! A lightweight device on which to play Angry Birds?! I stare wide-eyed at the plethora of knowledge and time that went into these thingamabobs, especially Google Chrome Apps.

Now you've got your basic, grampa-friendly browsers like Internet Exploder, Safari, Firefox and Opera. But Chrome really steps it up a notch, plus it's faster, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Having apps is the sweet, fresh butter creme icing on the cake.

The Chrome app store is like an online department store of interactive apps (...and time killers). Many are extensions of existing websites that once downloaded, show up under the Web Apps tab on the Chrome home page tab.

Categories include:
News and Weather
Social and Communication

The purpose of Chrome Web apps is easy access to useful tools and activities. Just like in the iTunes App store, some apps are pointless. Some are quite useful. There's a wealth of content out there for almost any type of Chrome user, and many are free.

The downside: some "apps" are just links to the regular site. The sea of apps takes some time to browse through, and some apps are underdeveloped or having missing functions. But overall I've had good experiences. As you can see, my app collection so far look like it belongs to an 8-year-old reporter.


  1. i know how you feel, as far as smart phones go i'm still way behind. i'm that person that looks at an iphone and says, "where are the buttons?" technology never ceases to amaze me!

  2. I don't have Google Chrome. Maybe I should? I've got to check this out if Miss Em says to!