Four months, but it feels like longer

This week will mark my fourth month in Temple, Texas and it's been an exciting journey so far. Things have finally slowed enough for me to catch up on hobbies around the apartment. I've been a card-making, herb-growing, supper-fixin' fool and loving it. I hope to start a series of paintings for the living room soon and really let my artsy side stick out for a while. I'm also looking into grad school at some point in the future, likely with a M.S. in computer science, but we'll see.

As for Temple, there's not much to do here. I haven't found a core of like-minded people my age to hang out with, so I tend to stick near the few refined places I've found (i.e, my porch and The Cotton Exchange.) News is hopping, although with school out, the stories will be less obvious. I'm looking forward to digging around some school and state budget issues this summer, reading some good books, getting into the top 20 on The Texas Tribune's QRANK trivia game and establishing a Chacos tan once again.


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  2. Chacos tan time! I can't believe it has been months...crazy. You're doing awesome