Fab family furniture

For the first time in probably two years, I am laying in my bed, tapping away on my laptop.

My previous laptop has been in disrepair for a while. But because my wonderful sister passed her HP down to me, I can blog comfortably once again.

On my drive home from her home in Hutto, I started remembering now much of my furniture and belongings came from my family, and how thankful I am for their generosity.

Most of my big pieces came from my folks. To name a few, a washer & dryer, TV, bed, two dressers and a desk.

I got the TV armoire (solid cherry wood) from my cousin, my Mac Mini from my brother and my side table from my other cousins.

This laptop, a Forman Grill and 80 percent of my dishes came from my sister.

And she may not be family, but the woman I used to house/cat sit for in New Braunfels gave me loads of towels and dishes.

My post-grad family furniture is scattered throughout the apartment, reminders of how beautifully knit my family is. The collection is of mix-matched hand-me-downs, but I love every piece.

I'm so grateful for these little (and big) gifts, and proud to call our bunch family.